What are the characters in Damnation movie

The characters in Damnation movie are
Herself - Katie (XIII) Lee
The Hooker - Stephanie Marois
Justine - Kerri Lynn Miller
Elsa - Georgia Kate Haege
Eugenie - Silja Jensen
Himself - Edward Abbey
Himself - Mikal (II) Jakubal
Film Crew Guy #2 - One-Eye Jay
The Warden - Sergio Jones
Narrator - Ben (IX) Knight
Lord Prescott - Michael Kopsa
Film Crew Guy #1 - R.A. The Rugged Man
The Doctor - Bill Marchant
The Mogul - Matthew Muzio
Hamilton Rourke - Mark (I) Oliver
Jack Winslow - Vanessa (II) Parent
Son - Liam Ranger
Himself - Franklin D. Roosevelt
Winslow - Drew (I) Taylor
Ramon Zagato - Josias Tschanz
Himself (Nez Perce tribal elder) - Elmer Crow
The Doctor - Chris Cusano
Senor Satanico - Randal Davis

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