What are the characters in Darkworld movie

The characters in Darkworld movie are
Flapper - Jenne (I) Kang
Faith - Mara Marini
Scythia - Chrissy May
Fallon - Gina Valona
Fangerella - Gina DeVettori
The Unnamed - Tiffany Gonz´┐Żles
Michael - Jason Layden
TV Evangelist - Randal Malone
Derek - Aidan Marus
Clayton Diggs - Art (I) Parga
Buchanan - Jeremy Perrett
Card Dealer - Jeremy (IV) Rodriguez
Brimstone - Jed Rowen
Malachai - Jeff Swarthout
Mr. Sixx - Steve Jones Watson
Ripper - Corey Webber
Brian - Sean Wing
Truck Driver - Paul Michael Bolan
Pirate - Dan Demetry
Luke - Mark (II) English

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