What are the characters in DeadTime movie

The characters in DeadTime movie are
Katie - Alex Marieka Hanly
Wealthy Woman #1 - Theresa Roche
Wealthy Woman #1 - Theresa Roche
Anji - Elisabeth Shahlavi
Wealthy Woman #3 - Victoria Stedman
Nurse - Mary Lucille Baker
Patty - Amber (I) Benson
Mrs. Carter - Sarah Blizard
Julia - Emily (I) Welch
Val - Elle (I) Wood
Baker - Pamela (I) Gordon
Claire - Jessica Hegarty
Wealthy Woman #2 - Fiona Jacobs
Pete - Matt (III) Gibbons
Mr LaRoux - Leslie Grantham
Security Guard #3 - Leon Grey
Pilot - Simon Hannam
Trick's Manager - Ian (I) Hill
Surgeon - Neal (I) Huxley
Himself - Matt (XVI) Kelly
Security Guard #9 - Tesco King
Security Guard #1 - Glen Labouchardiere
Waiter - Elliott Langdon-Bates
Security Guard #5 - Jonathan Liew
Wealthy Man #2 - Rex Lloyd
Lee/Chan - Kenny Low
Chamberlain - John (VIII) McPherson
Lars - Ray Morrison Jr.
Mike - Louis Murrall
Security Guard #8 - James Aulin
Baker's Son - Thomas Bankowski
Junior - Chris (I) Parnell
Zack - Laurence Saunders
Security Guard #2 - Hery Setiawan
Wealthy Man #3 - Philip (III) Sherwood
Tommy - Micah (I) Smith
Wealthy Man #1 - Ian Southall
Simon - Stephen (V) Spencer
Motor Journalist - Tony (II) Spencer
Security Guard #4 - Christian Tang
Radio announcer - Patricio Valladares
Rupert - John R. (I) Walker
Police/Interpol - Kaine Williams
Talkin' Bill - Stephen (IV) Bishop
Harry - Emmanuel Blondel
Carter - Julian Boote
Bennett - Paul (IX) Boucher
Himself - Chris (VI) Brady
James - Jason Britza
Vincent - Joel (XI) Brown
Wealthy Man #4 - Ryan Burge
Nigel - Adam Carrington
Security Guard #7 - Benedict (I) Chau
Tommy McEvoy - Terry (I) Christian
Security Guard #6 - Timothy (III) Christian
Michael - Rody Claude
Jimmy - Carl (III) Coleman
Bank Guard - Nick (I) Conroy
Police - Shane Devos
Mart - Ian (I) Donnelly
Sergeant - David Doty
Big Al - Joe (V) Egan
The Cleaner - Korum Ellis

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