What are the characters in Dear Dumb Diary movie

The characters in Dear Dumb Diary movie are
Girl Dancer - Kenidee C. Allen
Girl Dancer - Lexi Bader
Isabella - Mary-Charles Jones
Student - Helene Lam
Jamie Kelly - Emily Alyn Lind
Claire Vanderhied - Natalie Alyn Lind
Bitter Old Office Lady - Jayne Luke
Old Office Lady 1 - Marlys Miller-Fladeland
Mrs. Clawson - Clara Susan Morey II
Student sniffing flower - Ryann Peterson
Enthusiastic Girl - Anais Chantal Samuels
Old Office Lady 2 - Marie Sharon
Herself - Jump Roper - Lily (II) Smith
Girl Dancer - Stephanie D. Sosa
Girl Dancer - Mira Spendlove
Important Person - Anne Sward
Girl Dancer - MaKayla Tanner
Student - Maiya Nicole Buckley
Aunt Carol - Laura Bell Bundy
Mrs. Cutler - Joyce (I) Cohen
Jamie's Mom - Maddie Corman
Ms. Bruntford - Lea DeLaria
Girl Dancer - Hannah Gagon
Nurse - Renny Grames
Miss Anderson - Jacque Gray
Angeline - Sterling Griffith
Student - Vanisi Hailie
Adult Jamie - Katy Jensen
Jamie's Dad - Jeffrey Hanson
Doctor - James (I) Jamison
Lex Steel - Mason (I) Johnson
Boy Dancer - Skyler (I) Johnson
Police Officer 1 - Jonathan (I) Malaer
Mr. Vandoy - Tom (I) Markus
Hudson Rivers - David Mazouz
Bartender - Joshua David McLerran
Boy Dancer - Peiter Mortensen
Janitor - Cameron Asay
Young Van Gogh - Anson Bagley
Man on bus - Vaughn Odenbrett
Mike Pinsetti - Carson Oliver
Boy Dancer - Andres Penate
Boy Dancer - Jeremy F. Platt
Boring Old Relative - Fred Schwab
Student - Nicholas Small
Boy Dancer - Ezra Sosa
Boy Dancer - Tristen Sosa
Coach Dover - Duane Stephens
Assistant Principal Devon - James Waterston
Boy Dancer - Taggert Brockbank
Party Guest - Phillip Estes

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