What are the characters in Death Race 2000 movie

The characters in Death Race 2000 movie are
Rhonda Bainbridge - Darla McDonnell
Cleopatra - Leslie McRay
Thomasina Paine - Harriet Medin
Myra - Louisa Moritz
Laurie - Wendy Bartel
Calamity Jane - Mary Woronov
Matilda the Hun - Roberta Collins
Annie Smith - Simone Griffeth
Grace Pander - Joyce Jameson
Herman the German - Fred Grandy
Resistance Army Member - Charles B. Griffith
FBI Agent - Sandy Ignon
Nero the Hero - Martin Kove
Mechanic - John (I) Landis
Mr. President - Sandy McCallum
Deacon - Bill Morey
Frankenstein's Doctor - Paul (I) Bartel
Radio Operator - Roger Rook
Pete - William Shephard
Machine Gun Joe Viterbo - Sylvester Stallone
Junior Bruce - Don (I) Steele
Toreador - Lewis (I) Teague
Lt. Fury - Vince Trankina
Harold - Carle Bensen
Little Boy at picnic - David (III) Boyle
Frankenstein - David Carradine
Resistance Army Member - Peter Cornberg
Special Agent - Paul L. Ehrmann
Henry - John Favorite

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