What are the characters in Death of a Superhero movie

The characters in Death of a Superhero movie are
Shelly - Aisling Loftus
Teenage Crowd - Kitty McLaughlin-Dunning
Prostitute #1 - Mary (II) Murray
Morna - Emma Eliza Regan
Morna - Emma Eliza Regan
Tanya - Jessica Schwarz
Nurse - Julie Sharkey
Sarah Barnes - Brittany Sparkles
Sharon - Rebecca (V) Thompson
Teenage Crowd - Saoirse Benson
Joanna - Aisling Bodkin
Nursey Worsey - Olga Wehrly
Dr. Johnson - Jane (I) Brennan
Wendy - Mella Carron
Patient in Hospital - Christine Cotter
Prostitute #2 - Rachel Dunne
Teenage Crowd - Eliza Fitzgibbon
Shrink #1 - Lilly Forgach
Nursey Worsey - Nina-Friederike Gn�dig
Maja - Holly Gregg
Nursey Worsey - Amelia Growley
Mrs. Cooper - Candyce Hinkle
Renata - Sharon Horgan
Nursey Worsey - Amy Huberman
News Reporter - Jessica Akers
The Brains - David (LXIX) Anderson
Rugby Jock - Billy (I) Gibson
Michael - Ben (I) Harding
Guy at Laptop - D�nal Haughey
Dr. Disaster - Steve (I) Helms
John/Capt. Amazing - Ed (II) Lowry
Krissy Barnes - Ali Mattox
James - Michael McElhatton
Teenage Guy - Simon Mulcahy
The Glove - Matthias Beier
English Teacher - Enda Oates
Jeff - Ronan Raftery
Dr. Adrian King - Andy Serkis
Billy - Peter (I) Sexton
Stan Barnes - Evan (II) Tanner
Patient in Hospital - Alan (III) Bradley
The Muscle - Johnnie Brannon
Donald - Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Hugo - Killian Coyle
The Glove - Ned Dennehy
Patient in Hospital - Joe Dermody
Patient in Hospital - Christopher (XII) Doyle
Teacher - Sean (V) Duggan
Patient in Hospital - Warren (II) Farrell
Shrink #2/Voice of the Glove - Ian Fitzgibbon
Teenage Crowd - Theo Fitzgibbon

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