What are the characters in Deathwatch movie

The characters in Deathwatch movie are
Terri - Natalie (II) Angelucci
Amelia - Jessica Gush
German soldier - Roman Hor�k
Pvt. Willie McNess - Dean Lennox Kelly
Carl - Cale LaBean
Friedrich - Torben Liebrecht
Emil - Gavin MacLeod
Pvt. Barry Starinski - Kris Marshall
Pvt. Jack Hawkstone - Hans Matheson
Maurice - Paul Mazursky
Pfc. Charlie Shakespeare - Jamie (I) Bell
Jules LaFranc - Leonard Nimoy
Anthony Bradford - Hugh O'Conor
Charlie Benson - Bob Poma
Cpl. Doc Fairweather - Matthew Rhys
Pvt. Thomas Quinn - Andy Serkis
Cameron Flyy - Kamal Smith
Sgt. David Tate - Hugo Speer
Mudman - Pavel Tesar
Rick - Dave (XV) Walker
Marty - Devon Winters
Pvt. Colin Chevasse - R�aidhr� Conroy
John - Danno Dowell
Martin Plummer - Mike (I) Downey
Big Jimmy - Don Druyor
Guard - Robert Ellenstein
Greeneyes - Michael (I) Forest
Capt. Bramwell Jennings - Laurence (I) Fox
Kevin Anderson - Fyl Frazee

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