What are the characters in December Boys movie

The characters in December Boys movie are
Mrs. McAnsh - Kris McQuade
Lucy - Teresa (I) Palmer
Cartwheeling Nun - Susie Struth
Cartwheeling Nun - Anna Westley
Curvy Blonde - Laura (I) Weston
Mother - Suzie Wilks
Cartwheeling Nun - Kasey Willson
Reverend Mother - Judi Farr
Sister Edna - Carole-Anne Fooks
Teresa - Victoria (I) Hill
Sister Beatrice - Carmel Johnson
Father Scully - Frank (I) Gallacher
Older Boy - Julian (III) Jones
Foreman - Andy McPhee
Adult Spark - Michael (III) Norman
Maps - Daniel Radcliffe
Fearless - Sullivan (I) Stapleton
Bandy - Jack (I) Thompson
Father - Rory (I) Walker
Adult Spit - Mike (I) Welton
Watson - Paul (III) Blackwell
Sparks - Christian Byers
Misty - Lee Cormie
Shellback - Ralph Cotterill
Narrator/Adult Misty - Max Cullen
Willie - Kobe Donaldson
Spit - James (IV) Fraser

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