What are the characters in Deleted movie

The characters in Deleted movie are
Kelly Thomas - Mary Amy
Jesse Bannon - Andrea Kfoury
Party Guest - Christina July Kim
Crystal - Tressie Lynn
Mrs. Robinson - Lucille Mcdonald
Family in the Park - Dolores Salentino
Mistress - Christina Tarantola
Lucy - Alexandra (II) Taylor
Party Guest - Christina Bartosch
Maria Percibali - Maryann Vecchione
Family in the Park - Emma Curnan
Party Guest - Maria Day
Female Customer - Marguerite Gonder
Party Guest - Janice Hess
Kurt Taylor - Bjorn Gessle
Clerk - Rameez Hashmi
Party Guest - Steve (III) Hess
Party Guest - Phillip Ledonne
Party Guest - Kenneth Mansmann
Party Guest - Steve (VII) Marcus
Brian Bellfield - Paddy McAuley
Party Guest - Jim Mehmet
John Faulkner - Larry Mihlon
Jack Thomas - Jeff (II) Moffitt
Michael Thomas - Ryan Moffitt
Jackson Pierce - Harrison Ndubuzee
Jason Connor - Daniel (IV) Bates
John Robinson - Billy Belford
Jacob Swann - Marcin (I) Paluch
Creepy Worker - Daniel Pham
Mr. Wilson - Michael (XXV) Ray
Party Guest - John Lawrence (I) R�
Marcus Mancini - Rich Sab
Family in the Park - Michael Salentino Jr.
Family in the Park - Colby Salentino
Family in the Park - Michael Salentino
Family in the Park - Zachary Salentino
Eddie Cabrera - Raul Suzara Jr.
Vincent Ford - Jonah Young
Payton Glass - Daniel Martin Berkey
Party Guest - Darrin Biss
Max Redfield - Shak Brenner
Nick Grant - Phillip Carlozzi
Sean - Mark (II) Child
Party Guest - Eric Crane
Roger - Eric Cutshall
Undercover Officer - Kevin Davis Jr.
John Raniero - Kevin E. Davis
John Raniero - Kevin Eugene Davis
Party Guest - Joseph DeGrotta
Party Guest - Bill Dey
Lisa - Jessie Douglas
Ryan - Kenneth (I) Duchamp
Mysterious Computer Technician - Durand Dupell

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