What are the characters in Detached movie

The characters in Detached movie are
Murdered Family (Mother) - Jordan (II) Kruger
Kim - Kim Leung
Laura - Kris (I) Lezetc
Party Guest - Tianna Majumdar-Langham
Suicide In Bathtub - Christine (II) Mason
Party Guest - Jaime Morrison
Young Lizzy Davis - Eve (I) Murray
Party Guest - Rosa Jin Nang
News Anchor 1 - Jace Narciso
Party Guest - Arlene Rivero
Party Guest - Aline Roberts
Party Guest - Arlene Rivero
Party Guest - Aline Roberts
Ruby - Ruby (XI)
Lorina - Melissa (I) Santos
Party Guest - Andreen Soley
Party Guest - Karen A. Thompson
Party Guest - Aroussiak Baltaian
Camera Captain - May Bernardo
News Anchor 2 - Danielle Vivarttas-Ahrnsbrak
Wife - Shawn Weatherly
Delonte's Mother - Kashanna Brown
Selena - Mieke Buchan
Street Extra - Christine Burant
Daughter - Alisha Carpenter
Party Guest - Amy (II) Cox
Woman In Laundromat - Maria da Silva
Party Guest - Veleeta De Costa
Maid - Marina Dos Santos
Collette - Adrienne Elias
Party Guest - Caroline Foellmer
Lizzy Davis - Barbara (II) French
Natalie - Kristie Graham
Maggie - Erin (I) Greer
Murdered Family (Father) - Darryl Garbencius
Running Boy - Elias (I) Gonzalez
York - York Gunther
Mitchell - Andrew Hamrick
Murdered Family (Son) - Ceilheb Kruger
Annie Davis - Penny (I) Lamport
Party Guest - Peter (I) Lazarus
Luc - Greg (VI) Martin
Kevin - Kris Mayeshiro
Eddie - Ryan (I) McGee
Manuel Sabatar - Manny Montana
Mr. Monyea - Mr. Monyea
The Employer - David Auten
Party Guest - Marc (I) Bechard
Cory - Anthony (V) Ortiz
Street Extra - Dan Paniccia
Michael - Michael Papajohn
Joseph - Jason Pennington
Benjamin - Mannix Rickenbacher
G-Boy - George (III) Rivera
Marc - Chris (VI) Rogers
Chadh Campbell - Sascha Rosemann
Body In Office - Cliff Rude
Cocaine Victim - Steven (III) Schmidt
Truck Mover - Paul Schmold
Homeless Man - Deseriah Shaw
Dr. Brady - David (XX) Sherman
Young Tom Davis - Pete (VI) Stevens
Tom Davis - Ian (X) Turner
Truck Mover - Terry Vanhill
Party Guest - Chris Bessounian
Body With Lego - Jarred Bosse
Body In House - Joe Bosse
Body In Basement - Josh Bosse
The Applicant - Jason (II) Cassidy
Delonte - William Cata
Young Annie Davis - Kate Chedburn
Body Hanging From Tree - Vince Comey
Burned Body - Chris Eisenkrien

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