What are the characters in Disorderly Conduct movie

The characters in Disorderly Conduct movie are
Gwen Fiske - Nora Lane
Minor Role - Rosina Lawrence
Crystal - Rya Lefevre
Child - Margaret Marquis
Lunch Room Girl - Claire Maynard
Phoebe Darnton - Geneva Mitchell
Mrs. Fay - Lucy (I) Beaumont
Helen Burke - Sally Blane
Child - Elaine Von
A Friend of Phyllis's - Polly Ann Young
Phyllis Crawford - Sally Eilers
Driver with Flat Tire - John Arledge
Limpy - Charley Grapewin
Zack Philips - Christopher Sura Johnson
Rex - Edward T. Jones
Stallings - Cornelius Keefe
Clarence Beaks - Noah Kingsmyth
Jimmy - Dickie Moore
James Crawford - Ralph (I) Morgan
Alsotto's Assistant - Louis Natheaux
Captain Tom Manning - Ralph Bellamy
Police Officer - Pat (I) O'Malley
Man - Jon Okabayashi
Narrator - Robert (I) Patrick
Police Officer - William Pawley
Police Officer - Lee (I) Phelps
Woman - Doris Romeo
Bradley Collins - Brock (III) Smith
Linda Meadows - Niamh (II) Tennyson
Pierce Manners - James (I) Todd
Dick Fay - Spencer (I) Tracy
Man at Police Station - Willie Best
Olsen - El Brendel
Cop - Christopher Conant
Tony Alsotto - Frank (I) Conroy
Fletcher - Alan (I) Dinehart

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