What are the characters in Dogfight movie

The characters in Dogfight movie are
Girl on Street - Jillian Armenante
Crying Woman - Sandra Ellis Lafferty
Miss Leithon - Anna Langner
Linda - Christina Mastin
The Prostitute With The Gum - Rebecah McCarthy
Dogfight Waitress - Constance McCord
Ruth Two Bears - Sue Morales
Rose Sr. - Holly Near
Older Cafe Customer - Peg Phillips
M?decin du GIPN - St�phanie Reynaud
M?decin du GIPN - St�phanie Reynaud
Rose - Lili (I) Taylor
Alice - Barb Benedetti
Thrift Shop Woman - Angie Utt
Truckstop Waitress - Laura Vetter
Arcade Girl - Jessica Wallenfels
Friend of Girl on Street - Anne Elizabeth Washburn
Mother on Bus - Denise (III) Williams
Marcie - Elizabeth Daily
Truckstop Cook - Krisha Fairchild
Arcade Hooker - Bonnie (I) Fox
Pretty Girl - Kristie (I) Gamer
Sgt. Judge - Neal (I) Allen
Serge Varosky - Guy Amram
Restaurant Maitre d' - Dale Garman
BAC 1 - Gilles (III) Garnier
Dogfight Marine - Brian Gotta
The Rookie - Nate Hitpas
Sailor - Joe (III) James
Fector - John (I) Lacy
BAC 2 - Stephane Lagoutte
Garde du corps - Adrien Laligue
The Sniper Elite - Karl E. Landler
Sailor #3 - Dewayne Luckett
Neighborhood Boy - Jacob (I) Luft
LCpl. Judge - Ron (I) Lynch
Sa?d Zannouda - Moussa Maaskri
Bartender - David MacIntyre
GIGN 1 - Alex (XIII) Martin
Bob - Ivars Mikelson
Younger Brother on Bus - Jason (IV) Moore
Aleks Zoltan - Pierre-Marie Mosconi
'50s drinker - Robert (I) Munns
Sailor #2 - Brett (I) Baker
The Hunter - Jessie Bayani
Hippie - Rafael (I) Orozco
Berzin - Richard Panebianco
Walter - Bruce (I) Pearson
Eddie Birdlace - River Phoenix
Braqueur 1 - Jean-Charles Rousseau
Dogfight Buddy - Chris San Nicholas
Navy Bill - Julian Schembri
Donavin - Christopher (I) Shaw
Sailor #2 - Matt Skerritt
Bob Marcheck - Ron (I) Stubbs
Thrift Shop Man - Kenneth Utt
Braqueur 3 - Nicolas Van Beveren
Braqueur 2 - Nicolas Villena
Newscaster - Frank Walters
Benjamin - Mitchell Whitfield
Older Brother on Bus - Dion (I) Williams
PX Marine - Don (I) Berg
The Master - Shawn Bernal
Agent GIPN - Frans Boyer
Victor Stevenson - Laurent Zimmermann
Bar Owner - Art Cahn
Maitre 'd - Dale (I) Carman
Oakie - Anthony (I) Clark
Policier 2 - Bertrand Coupey
Eliot Lafister - Anthony Dupray
Bus Driver - George (XI) Evans
Corpsman - Albert Farrar
Crying Customer - Joseph Franklin
Sailor #1 - Brendan Fraser
Marine on Bus - John (I) Fry

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