What are the characters in Don\'t Go Near the Park movie

The characters in Don\'t Go Near the Park movie are
Party Guest - Leigh Ash
Party Guest - Sherrie McRae
Bondi at 8 Years - Lara Morann
Party Guest - Stephanie R. Perkins
Bondi's Mother - Linnea Quigley
Bondi's Mother - Linnea Quigley
Bondi - Tammy (I) Taylor
Patty/Tra/Griffith's Wife/Petranella - Barbara Bain
Nurse - Marlene Warner
Second Baby Bondi - Audrey Bruce
Bondi's Godmother - Beverly (III) Bruce
Party Guest - Michele Chamber
Party Guest - Kirstin Fife
Patty's Victim - Cambra Foldes
Party Guest - Stephanie Fuller
Runaway Girl - Janet Giglio
Boy Fishing - David Ariniello
Nick's Mother - K.L. Garber
Mark/Gar - Robert Gribbin
Jogger - Stephan Hun
First Priest - Steven Leider
Doctor - Gabor Lovy
Mugger - Steven Lovy
Van Driver - Mark (II) Meadows
Cave Boy - Shane (I) O'Brien
Nick - Meeno Peluce
Corpse - John (I) Racine
Corpse - John Raisin
Taft - Aldo Ray
Cowboy - Chris (III) Riley
Corpse - Andrew (I) Rowe
Corpse - Walter C. Snyder
Griffith - Earl (I) Statler
Maintenance Man - Nicholas J. Vincent
Spanish Priest - Doug (V) White
Second Priest - Rich Buendia
Corpse - Marcus Carpenter
Corpse - Peter (III) Carpenter
Guy in Van - Linwood Chase
Corpse - David (XXIX) Cole
First Baby Bondi - Inez M. Dugan
Guy in Van - Lawrence David Foldes
Corpse - Barry (I) Friedman

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