What are the characters in Dracano movie

The characters in Dracano movie are
Brayden Adcox - Dominika Juillet
Trixie Davenport - Malorie Mackey
Carla Simms - Victoria Pratt
Grad Student - Lisa (IV) Rodriguez
Grad Student - Lisa (IV) Rodriguez
Petra - Sophie Tilson
Heather Lowell - Mia Faith
Paige summers - Heidi Fielek
Diana Fankhauser - Gina Holden
Richard Header - John (I) Hundrieser
Roadblock Soldier - Jack (V) Kennedy
Lab Scientist - Casey Larios
Sgt. Rico - Hayes Mercure
Escort Soldier - Enrico Natale
Professor Simon Lowell - Corin Nemec
Col. Maxwell - Robert (I) Newman
Private Bodge - Blake Reistad
Lt. Cano - Andrew E. Tilles
Sgt. Woods - Delpaneaux Wills
Sparks - Benjamin Easterday
Gen. Hodges - Troy (I) Evans

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