What are the characters in Draw! movie

The characters in Draw! movie are
Teresa - Linda (II) Sorensen
Bess, Harry's Girlfriend in Bell City/member of acting troupe - Alexandra Bastedo
Acting Troupe - Joan (I) Hurley
Lenny, Bartender Bell's Saloon - Frank (I) Adamson
Acting Troupe - Vincent (I) Gale
Bandido - Brian (I) George
Doctor West - Stuart Gillard
Deputy Wally Blodgett - Graham (I) Jarvis
Reggie Bell - Derek (I) McGrath
Eugene Lippert, Editor Bell City Gazette - Graham (I) McPherson
Reggies Tough - Wedge McWhorter
Moses, young town boy - Jason Michas
Townsman - Larry Musser
Mariachi Band - Miguel Neri
Carpenter - Steve (I) Atkinson
Poker Player - Bonar Bain
Bandido - Victor Bain
Mariachi Band - Romeo Ochoa
Mariachi Band - Broderick Olson
Circuit Judge Fawcett - Gerard Parkes
Poker Player - Wilf Rowe
Acting Troupe - Alan Stebbings
Jose - Bob Supeene
Smithy - Charlie (I) Turner
Poker Player - Frank C. (I) Turner
Mordecai Hurwitz, General Store - Vladim�r (I) Valenta
Charlie Tucker - Miles Vasey
Ephraim - Len Birman
Mr. Gibson - Maurice Brand
Sam Starret - James (I) Coburn
Reggies Tough - Tom Dasko
Farmers Bank Manager - James Defelice
Sadie - Sherrill DeMarco
Sheriff Harmon - Richard Donat
Harry H. Holland aka Handsome Harry Holland - Kirk (I) Douglas
Farmers Bank Teller - James Forsythe
Poker Player - Bryan Fustukian

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