What are the characters in Dreamboat movie

The characters in Dreamboat movie are
Dr. Mathilda Coffey - Elsa Lanchester
Receptionist - Vici Raaf
Secretary - Crystal (I) Reeves
Gloria Marlowe - Ginger Rogers
Receptionist - Vici Raaf
Secretary - Crystal (I) Reeves
Gloria Marlowe - Ginger Rogers
Tori McGovern - Kim (I) Sill
Mimi - Helene Stanley
Wife in Bar - Mary (I) Treen
Girl in Television Commercial - Gwen Verdon
Receptionist - Barbara Woodell
Cigarette Girl - May (I) Wynn
Mrs. Gunther - Laura K. Brooks
Dorothy - Levitt's Secretary - Helen (I) Brown
Lavinia - Marietta Canty
Minor Role - Jean (I) Corbett
Woman Leaving Hotel - Bess Flowers
Carol Sayre - Anne (I) Francis
Mrs. Faust - Helene Hatch
TV Commercial Actress - Marjorie Holliday
Waitress at Ruby's - Victoria Horne
Tavern Patron - Abdullah Abbas
Desk Clerk - Jay Adler
Student - Richard (I) Allan
Judge Bowles - Richard (I) Garrick
George Bradley - Everett Glass
Dewey Pounder - Bob Golic
Man at Bar - Dick (I) Gordon
Bartender - Fred (I) Graham
Lawyer D.W. Harrington - Paul (I) Harvey
Drunk - Al (I) Herman
Nightclub Patron - Jimmie Horan
Bill Ainslee - Jeffrey (I) Hunter
Herman, Husband in Bar - Richard Karlan
Man in Levitt's Outer Office/Nightclub Patron - Kenner G. Kemp
Bailiff - Colin Kenny
Photographer - Don (I) Kohler
Frank - Hotel Doorman - Paul (I) Kruger
Minor Role - Warren Mace
Maitre D' - Alphonse Martell
Hotel Detective - Jack (I) Mather
Man in Commercial - Matt (I) Mattox
Clarence Bornay - Paul Maxey
Child in Film Clip (edited from 'Sitting Pretty') - Roddy McCaskill
French Captain - Clive (I) Morgan
Student - Robert (I) Nichols
Hotel Clerk - Howard Banks
Commandant in Silent Movie - George Barrows
Child in Film Clip (edited from 'Sitting Pretty') - Larry Olsen
Crazy Sam, Used Car Salesman - Emory Parnell
Attorney - Paul (I) Power
Man in Commercial - Frank (I) Radcliffe
Busboy - Joe Recht
Tavern Patron - Mitchell Rhein
Nightclub Patron - Cosmo Sardo
Man in Levitt's Outer Office - Jeffrey Sayre
Daniel Newman - Robert (I) Seals
Child in Film Clip (edited from 'Sitting Pretty') - Anthony Sydes
Giant Arab - S�ndor (I) Szab�
Denham - Lee (I) Turnbull
Thornton Sayre/Dreamboat/Bruce Blair - Clifton Webb
Photographer - Robert (I) Williams
Nightclub Patron - Ralph Brooks
Soldier - George Bruggeman
Minor Role - Steve (I) Carruthers
Bartender - Harry (II) Carter
Headwaiter in Silent Movie - Jack Chefe
Macintosh - Harry Cheshire
Sam Levitt - Fred (I) Clark
Court Clerk - Leo Cleary
Timothy Stone - Ray (I) Collins
Waiter - Anthony De Mario
Attorney - Jack Deery
Man in TV Hair Commercial - Robert (I) Easton
Audience Member - George (I) Ford

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