What are the characters in Eating movie

The characters in Eating movie are
Martine - Nelly Alard
Jennifer - Daphna Kastner
Kale - Naama Kates
Nancy - Elizabeth Kemp
Party Guest - Claudia Lonow
Party Guest - Juliette (I) Marshall
Party Guest - Rita Martinson
Group Leader - Janet (I) May
Party Guest - Maureen McGrath
Janet - Jackie (I) O'Brien
Anita - Taryn Power
Helene - Lisa Blake Richards
Party Guest - Margot Rose
Helene - Lisa Blake Richards
Party Guest - Margot Rose
Kay - Stefany Rose
Party Guest - Mindy Seeger
Party Guest - Lisa-Marie Soble
Bulimic Woman - Amy (II) Sullivan
Cheryl - Shannon Sweetmon
Party Guest - Jeanette Balsis
Jackie - Toni Basil
Party Caterer/Naomi - Ann (II) Bell
Whitney - Frances Bergen
Crying Woman - Joan (III) Blair
Party Guest - Darlene Van der Hoop
Party Guest - Katherine Wallach
Party Guest - Kim Watkinson
Sophie - Gwen Welles
Party Guest - Carole Ita White
Eloise - Savannah Smith Boucher
Maria - Sherry Boucher
Mary - Hildy Brooks
Party Guest/Leslie - Claudia Brown
Party Guest - Rachelle Carson
Party Guest - June Christopher
Kate - Mary (I) Crosby
Party Guest - Anne E. Curry
Lily - Catherine Genender
Caterer/Connie - Donna Germain
Sadie - Marlena Giovi
Carla - Beth Grant
Lydia - Marina Gregory
Party Guest - Lori Hoeft
Joanna - Aloma Ichinose
Pee Lady - Shannon Isadorec
Oopsy Lady - Emma Jacobson-Sive
Party Guest - Teresa (I) Johnston
Lou - Gerardo Hernandez Beltran
Cousin Eddy - Michael Anthony Ibarra
Jim - Chris Jensen-Soto
Paps - Trevor (IV) Norris
Giovanni - Dan Pitre
Tommy - Nick Puga
Phil - Ben Solenberger
Adult Dave - Mike (I) Bruner
Young Dave - Chad Ceccola
Father - William (I) Charlton
Janice - Jonne Checkley
Male Overeater - Sean (I) Everett

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