What are the characters in Electronica movie

The characters in Electronica movie are
Tourist Woman - Tammy Klein
Tourist Woman - Phyllis (I) Kramer
Prostitute - Candice (II) Martin
Kandi - Julie (II) Michel
Rose - Marina Resa
Rose - Marina Resa
Eve Chance - Najarra Townsend
Homeless Woman - Eugenia Care
Emily Dunn - Amy Rose Drucker
Liz - Susannah Eicher
Street Marilyn - Pascale (II) Gigon
Rudi - Reggie Jernigan
Cleo - Sonny Kang
Robot Salesman - Gilbert Mack
Tourist Man - Carlos Martin
Henry - Jack Mercer
Latin Elvis - Dennis (I) Sandoval
The Gold Man - Anthony Warfield
Tourist Man - Steven Cesnek
Homeless Man - Jason (VII) Coleman
Mr. Acapulco - Jacques Freydont

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