What are the characters in Escape from Fort Bravo movie

The characters in Escape from Fort Bravo movie are
Carla Forester - Eleanor (I) Parker
Alice Owens - Polly Bergen
Girl in Bar - Valerie (I) Vernon
Girl - Eloise Hardt
Lt. Beecher - Richard (I) Anderson
Jones - Fred (I) Graham
Mescalero Indian - Chick Hannan
Capt. Roper - William (I) Holden
Barfly - Jack (II) Kenny
Confederate Prisoner - Paul (I) Kruger
Dr. Miller - Forrest Lewis
Bailey - John Lupton
Kiowa Indian Scout - Frank Matts
Watson - Howard McNear
Confederate Prisoner - Jack (I) Montgomery
Sgt. Chavez - Alex (I) Montoya
Symore - William (I) Newell
Confederate Lieutenant - Richard P. Beedle
Col. Owens - Carl Benton Reid
Barman - Phil (I) Rich
Union Soldier - Phil Schumacher
Mescalero Indian - Milan Smith
Eilota - Charles (I) Stevens
Sgt. Compton - Glenn (I) Strange
Confederate Prisoner - Chet Brandenburg
Barfly - Roy Bucko
Cabot Young - William (I) Campbell
Chaplain - Harry Cheshire
Campbell - William Demarest
Sims - Michael (I) Dugan
Capt. John Marsh - John (I) Forsythe

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