What are the characters in Eve\'s Demons movie

The characters in Eve\'s Demons movie are
Corinne Burton - Scilla Allen
Library Customer - Bay Kalay
Paramedic - Natalie (II) Lee
Party Guest - Kate Lowe
Library Customer - Hayley Marriott
Library Customer - Natalie Mulkerrins
School Student - Kitty Newbury
Ravenswood Neighbor - Rosie Nicchitta
Restaurant Customer - Deborah O'Donnell
Party Guest - Dee Osler
Restaurant Customer - Shirley Paver
Hospital Receptionist - Ivy Pink
Ravenswood Neighbor - Lou Preecy
Dervla - Olivia Pye
Rosie - Samantha Ramm
Party Guest - Ruth Rickman
School Student - Amber (II) Robertson
Dervla - Olivia Pye
Rosie - Samantha Ramm
Party Guest - Ruth Rickman
School Student - Amber (II) Robertson
Ghost Child - Amy Seymour
School Student - Jasmine Skeete
Monster - Claire Steggles
Party Guest - Nyree Ann Swinscoe-Hunt
Morris - Garland Theed
Librarian - Eva Vezoniaraki
Party Guest - Claire Wills
Ghost Child - Jamie Wills-Taylor
Wendy - Pat Bull
Dr. Hahn - Hille Challis
Party Guest - Skye Chapman
School Student - Rusalka Clarke
Mrs. Lucas - Natalie Cole-Baker
Moira - Serena Cowdy
Rachel - Amy (III) Crosby
Trey - Katie Dale
Caitlin - Victoria (III) Delaney
Restaurant Customer - Jane Flux
Cecelia - Tilly Ford
Emily Adams - Cara Fraser
Siobhan - Ghazaleh Golpira
School Student - Steph Hazell
Carol Singer - Vikki Hill
Road Police Officer - Sarah (II) Hutchinson
School Student - James Lee Hunt
Party Guest - Owen Llewelyn
Police Chief - Julian McDowell
Steve - Lewis Mckale
Dr. Mower - Vic Moss
Toby - Ian (V) Murray
Restaurant Customer - Gino Picciano
Party Guest - Raman Rai
Eve McCallister - Sara Raso
Party Guest - Marcus Sinclair
Party Guest - Kris Sommerville
Dean James - Oliver Stephens-Ofner
Library Customer - Geoff Tagliaferro
Restaurant Customer - Amanda Urwin-Mann
Father McGann - Jim (II) Varney
Ghost Child - Jessie Wills-Taylor
Dan - Paul (XXXII) Wilson
Hugo Burton - Graham Winston-Peters
Paramedic - Roderick Wood
Jeff McCallister - Adam Bielak
Library Customer - Shamus Callaghan
Stalker - Tom Clear
Charlie Rosewood - Dick Douglass
Dangerfield - Tim Douglass

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