What are the characters in Evie movie

The characters in Evie movie are
Evie - Yvie Jones
Girl 2 (2012) - Emma Monk
Brad's Mother - Ruth D. Shepherd
Sam - Debra Waters
Evie - Katherine (VI) Campbell
Aunt Becca - Natalie Canerday
Aunt Lorraine - Heather Dupree
Great Aunt Trixie - Austin Fran
Grandma Charlotte - Candyce Hinkle
Melissa - Catherine Hollyman
Reagan - Celie Joblin
Brad's Father - Glenn Gilbert
Tyler - Aiden Joblin
Connor - Nathan Joblin
Jamie - Yannick Lawry
Victor Shea - Keith Luchin
Cousin George - George Aspesi
Thomas - Scott David Nogi
Lawrence - Aaron (V) Stevens
Zach - Ben Brunnekreef
Carl - Wayne Chapman
Lydia - Kelsie Craig
Brad - Matt (II) DeCample

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