What are the characters in Evil Eyes movie

The characters in Evil Eyes movie are
Gramm's Mother-in-Law - Eleanor Kotzo
Peg - Sheila Kraics
Party Guest - Vivien Latham
Nina - Kristin Lorenz
Mrs. Marsh - Lee Anne Moore
Party Guest - Luana Morjun
Camille - Mirjam Novak
Secretary - Angie (I) Robinson
Secretary - Angie (I) Robinson
Party Guest - Chrittina Schmidt
Jane Rolf/Ursula - Erica Steele
Attendant Judy - Elizabeth Uhl
Party Guest - H�l�ne Barb�
Female Officer - Ren�e Barnett
Sally - Audra Wolfmann
Party Guest - Lynn Cary
Claudia - Julie Dickens
Party Guest - Florence Druquet
Tree Stenn - Jennifer (III) Gates
Party Guest - Nora M. Hamedi
Party Guest - Karlyn Hawke
Marilyn - Peta Johnson
Baseball Fan - Christopher Gain
Party Guest/Baseball Fan - Brian Garland
Baseball Fan - Tara A. Gates
Party Guest - Byron (I) Harris
Gramm's Father-in-Law - Lee Hinton
Bryce - Lanre Idewu
Agent Bob - Byron (I) James
Paramedic - Donn Kennedy
George - Udo Kier
Jeff Stenn - Adam (I) Baldwin
Hal - Chris (III) Palmer
Mr. Marsh - Ronald Rezac
Party Guest - George Rivaz
Neighbor - Lawrence Sara
Peter - Mark (I) Sheppard
Party Guest/Baseball Fan - Steve (XXXII) Taylor
Hospital patient - Colin Vais
Detective/Party Guest - Rick (VIII) Walker
Actor in 70's Film - Jeff (XV) Williams
Dr. Pike - Robert F. (III) Campbell
Gramm - Eric Caselton
Paramedic - Dominic Ceci
Greg - Jason (I) David

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