What are the characters in Exist movie

The characters in Exist movie are
Jake's sister - Maya (I) Alexander
Sarah's Mother - Katt Ambrose
Conner's sister - Alexia Anastasio
Inspector - Erin Keegan
Squat housemate - April Rosenblum
Greysha - Kristin Ann Teporelli
Angel - Naomi Todd
Jake's Mother - Janee Trottman
Child Jake sister - Stanella Victor
Mia/Raven - Izabela Vidovic
Marley - May Zayan
Nicole - Wendy Buss
Bully - David Homyk
Hero - Jason (VI) Lopez
Policeman 1 - Grant Macken
Man - Ben Bellamy
Conner - Shawn (II) Parrish
Oz - Shawn Shillingford
Prophet - Andrew (II) Shire
Evan Simmons - Curtis (III) Simmons
Chris Depaul - Alain Singaye
Child Jake - Dominic Whilby
Squat housemate - Chris (XIX) White
Policeman 2 - Andrew (VI) Wright
Helicopter Soldier - Justin (II) Zachary
Investigation Voice - Brendon Bradford
Dad - George Crowley

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