What are the characters in Extremely Dark Knight movie

The characters in Extremely Dark Knight movie are
Female Clubber - Sarah Adriana Solo
Female Clubber - Amber Ardieta
Female Clubber - Germany Kent
Female Clubber - Sasha Kolos
Female Clubber - June Maya
Thug's Girlfriend - Romona McGowan
Female Clubber - Deandre Pierce
Female Clubber - Samantha Poole
Misty - Suzanne Quast
Nicole - Ramona Radnor
Misty - Suzanne Quast
Nicole - Ramona Radnor
Female Clubber - Nicole Nasca Supercinksi
Female Clubber - Jennifer (IV) Bergman
Female Clubber - Tonya Vivian
Female Clubber - Elspeth Weingarten
Female Clubber - Devin Brooke
Female Clubber - Geena Brown
Female Clubber - Emma (IX) Green
Crook's Thug - William Guirola
Male Clubber - Rob (XXVI) Harris
Male Clubber - Chris (II) Lancaster
Male Clubber - Edwin (I) Legette
Male Dancer - Morocco Nevlin
Male Clubber - Ahmed Al Barrawi
Male Clubber - Renzo Parades
Batman - Dan (II) Perrault
Crook's Thug - Danny Pollack
Male Clubber - Jesus Soberanis
Male Clubber - Maurice (I) Spears
Male Clubber - Stuart (X) Thompson
Female Clubber - Krystin Whitacre
Female Clubber - Alyse Wiggins
Male Clubber - Steven Winslow
Crook - Sean Carrigan
Male clubber - Billynaire Cruz
Male Clubber - Steve Dez
Crooke's Muscle - Will Echeverri

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