What are the characters in Falsk som vatten movie

The characters in Falsk som vatten movie are
Tina - Catharina Alinder
Party Guest - Kristina Lugn
New Tenant - Gunilla Olsson
Fia - Lotta Ramel
Fia - Lotta Ramel
Party Guest - Suzanne Br�gger
G?teborgskan - Ing-Marie Carlsson
Clara - Malin Ek
Anna - Marie G�ranzon
Party Guest - Annika Hagstr�m
Clara's father - Hans Alfredson
Police officer - Carl-Olof Alm
Party Guest - �ke Arenhill
The Old Man - Folke Lind
Lill-John - Martin (I) Lindstr�m
Taxichauff?r - Franco Mariano
Policeman - Anders Beckman
John - Sverre Anker Ousdal
Carl - �rjan Ramberg
Party Guest - Povel Ramel
Party Guest - Niklas R�dstr�m
Poetry reader - Carl Magnus von Seth
Stig - Stellan Skarsg�rd
Youngman outside cinema - Mikael Str�m
Party Guest - Nils-Petter Sundgren
Party Guest - Jan-�jvind Swahn
Sch?ll, shop owner - Magnus Uggla
Doctor - Jan Wir�n
Jens - Philip Zand�n
Party Guest - Klas �stergren
Party Guest - Tage Danielsson

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