What are the characters in Fandango movie

The characters in Fandango movie are
The Girl - Suzy Amis
Blonde Hooker - Jeannie Anderson
Shirley Maus - Nicolette Krebitz
Une invit?e - Liliane Lesaffre
Herself - Host (2003-2004) - Signe Lindkvist
Rancher's Wife - Margaret (I) Nelson
Herself (1986-1989) - Blake Pickett
Annette - Annette Poivre
Lorna - Robyn Rose
Pauline - Donna (I) Stanley
Herself - Host (2003-2004) - Tina Svendsen
Ang?lica - Ludmilla Tch�rina
La mari?e - Georgette Tissier
Salad Lady - Jewel Watson
Hooker with Yellow Feathers - Wendy Winders
Helena - Carol (I) Campbell
Hooker with Green Feathers - Bonnie (I) Cooper
Judy - Elizabeth Daily
Mona DeLys - Shawn Devereaux
Hooker with Long Hair - Maxine DeVille France
Se?orita - Anita Garvin
Joy - Neola Graef
La grand-m?re - Claire (I) G�rard
Co-Ed - Dana (I) Halsted
Duke - Corinna Harfouch
Trelis - Glenne Headly
Tina - Mavie H�rbiger
Phil's Mom - Jane A. Johnston
Man on the Bench - Manley Adams
Host (1983-1989) - Bill (I) Anderson
Second Shirtless Miner - Roger (I) Gentry
Mayor - Ben (I) Graham
Phil's Dad - Stanley Grover
Maywell - Christian (I) Hahn
Himself - Host (2005) - Nicolai (II) Hansson
Greaser - Paul (I) Harper
Bouffartigue - Hennery
Akiras Onkel - Dixon Hsu
Christian & Professoren (2003-2005) - Christian Volfing Jacobsen
Heckler #3 - Michael Maxwell Katz
Butcher - Allan Keown
Akira - Ill-Young Kim
The Lonesomest Man in Town - Lupino Lane
A Tough Egg - Wallace Lupino
Jos? - Luis Mariano
L'ing?nieur - Jean-Fran�ois Martial
Truman Sparks - Marvin J. McIntyre
Lupo - Richy M�ller
Jean-Paul - Sebastian M�nster
Phil Hicks - Judd Nelson
Paul - Edmond (II) Audran
Alves - Bernd Begemann
Himself - Chef (2003-2004) - Sune Olsen
Jester - Marco Perella
Eye Patch - Miller Pettit
Sissy Sam - Marland Proctor
M. Carlo - Fernand Rauz�na
Kenneth Waggener - Sam Robards
Bruno - Lars Rudolph
Galliano - Victor Schef�
Billy Busby - Jay (I) Scott
Gas Station Mechanic - Pepe Serna
Man on the Bench - Bill Silver
Pedro Isaax - Volker Spengler
M. Fleur - Jean Tissier
Helicopter Policeman - Michael M. Vendrell
Muck Mulligan - Tony Vorno
Truman - Bill (IV) Warren
Dan Murphy - James (I) Whitworth
Helicopter Pilot - Karl A. Wickman
Los Prevention Officer - Jim Berthiaume
DJ Sunny - Moritz Bleibtreu
Heckler #1 - Don Brunner
Dorman - Chuck (I) Bush
Fran?ois - Raymond Bussi�res
Le beau-p?re - Lucien Callamand
Lester Griffin - Brian Cesak
Himself - Host (2004) - Chapper
Edgar, the jukebox (1983-1989) - Charlie (III) Chase
Heckler #2 - Michael (I) Conn
Gardner Barnes - Kevin Costner
L'inspecteur - Robert Dalban
Smitty - John (I) Dennis
Gambler - Dirty Denny
Rancher - Bill Evridge
Man on the Bench - Ken Fagen

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