What are the characters in Fate Takes a Hand movie

The characters in Fate Takes a Hand movie are
Lola - Lisa (II) Page
Detective - Eleanor Washington
Jenny - Sheila Whittingham
Sandra - Mary Laura Wood
Secretary - Angela Douglas
Sally - Gilda Emmanuelli
Broacway Maxine - Adoni Fovieri
Peggy - Valerie Gearon
Karon - Christina Gregg
Fuller - Michael (I) Anthony
Matt Little - John (III) Gabriel
Rollenshaw - Willoughby Goddard
Warder - Reginald Hearne
Jim Brant's Father - Wilbur Higby
Tony - Ronald (I) Howard
District Attorney - W.E. Lawrence
Jim Brant - Francis (I) McDonald
Inspector Phillips - Bruce Beeby
Finch - Arnold Bell
Tough - Larry (I) Noble
Ross - Michael (I) Peake
Preeny - Peter Swanwick
Bob - Noel Trevarthen
Bulldog - Jack (I) Watson
Wayne - Robert (III) Webber
Doctor - Martin Wyldeck
Max - Peter (I) Bennett
Briggs - Derek Blomfield
Maxwell - Laidman Browne
Ronnie - Peter (I) Butterworth
Mark - Brian Cobby
Wheeler - Basil Dignam
Janitor - Eric (I) Dodson
Mike - Carl Duering
Wilson - Valentine Dyall

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