What are the characters in Fearless Fagan movie

The characters in Fearless Fagan movie are
Abby Ames - Janet Leigh
Sgt. Redley - Ellanora Needles
Abby's Maid - Anna Q. Nilsson
Second Nurse - Barbara Ruick
WAC - Janet (I) Stewart
WAC Pvt. Balford - Joanne Tree
First Nurse - Minerva Urecal
WAC Pvt. Prynne - Wendy Waldron
WAC - Jan (I) Bryant
Hospital Telephone Operator - Mae (I) Clarke
Mrs. Ardley - Ellen Corby
Third Nurse - Helen Eby-Rock
Smudgeface WAC - Beverly (I) Garland
Capt. Daniels - Company J - Richard (I) Anderson
Col. Horne - Wilton Graff
Mail Clerk - Douglas (I) Henderson
Photographer - Larry (I) Hickey
G.I. in Camp Show - Pat (I) Holmes
Soldier - David (I) Holt
Reporter - Frank Hyers
Boy - Gary (I) Jackson
Pvt. Silvera - Budd Jaxon
Photographer - Dorian (I) Johnson
MP - Marvin (II) Jones
Public Relations Officer - Joseph (I) Keane
Barker - Donald (I) Kerr
Soldier - Richard (I) Landry
'Hopalong' Burgess - Boy - Rudy (I) Lee
Boy - Mickey Little
Truck Driver - Carey Loftin
Carnival Barker - Eddie Marr
G.I. Doorman - Roger McGee
Photographer - Ralph (I) Michels
Announcer - Dean (I) Miller
Soldier - Ken (I) Miller
MP - Steve (I) Mitchell
Pvt. Ross - Jim Moloney
Pvt. Thomson - Alvy Moore
Lieutenant - Frank (I) Mullen
Emil Tauchnitz - Parley Baer
Radio Announcer - Bill (II) Baldwin
Barker - William J. O'Brien
Max - Gil (I) Perkins
Gann - FBI Man - William (I) Pullen
Truck Driver - Charles (I) Regan
Minor Role - John (I) Rogers
Soldier - Wally Russell
Reporter - Dick (I) Ryan
G.I. in Camp Show - Paul (I) Savage
Soldier - Bobby Walberg
MP at Gate - Gregory Walcott
Soldier - Norman Wayne
Announcer - Hank Weaver
Soldier - Jeff (III) Weston
Radio Commentator - Stuart (I) Wilson
MP at Gate - Ward Wood
Photographer - Wilson Wood
Sgt. Kellwi - Company J - Keenan Wynn
Man at Circus - Morgan (I) Brown
Pvt. Hawkins - Paul (I) Burke
Owen Gillman - Robert (I) Burton
MP - Drew Cahill
Mr. Ardley - John (I) Call
Barker - Charles D. (I) Campbell
Minor Role - William (I) Campbell
Pvt. Floyd Hilston - Company J - Carleton Carpenter
Soldier - Bill Cartledge
Midget - George 'Shorty' Chifello
Barker - Jack (I) Clark
MP at Barracks Gate - John (I) Close
Attendant - Stephen Coit
Maj. Barnes - Russ (I) Conway
Soldier - Bill Coontz
Cpl. Geft - Company J - Jonathan Cott
Soldier - Chuck Courtney
Photographer - Tony (V) Craig
Reporter - Tom (III) Daly
Soldier - Fred Datig Jr.
Soldier - Darren Dublin
Corpora - Fagan's Guard - Robert (I) Easton
Ardley Boy - Ted Eckelberry
MP - Anthony Eisley
Producer - John (I) Eldredge

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