What are the characters in Fight Club movie

The characters in Fight Club movie are
Channel 4 Reporter - Lauren Sanchez
Chloe - Rachel (I) Singer
Susan, Cosmetics Dealer - Valerie Bickford
Weeping Woman - Eugenie Bondurant
Marla Singer - Helena Bonham Carter
Group Leader - Christina Cabot
Hotel Desk Clerk - Andi Carnick
Airline Attendant - Christie Cronenweth
Woman on Plane - Dierdre Downing-Jackson
Marla - Nika Futterman
Thomas - David (I) Andrews
Intern - Richmond Arquette
Detective Walker - Michael Girardin
Detective Stern - Thom Gossom Jr.
Detective Stern - Thom Gossom Jr.
Richard Chesler - Zach Grenier
Player - Justin (I) Gross
Chanting Fighter - Eddie Hargitay
Banquet Guest - Phil Hawn
Lou - Peter Iacangelo
Fight Patron Saying 'What's going on?' - Jawara
Waiter - Baron Jay
Restaurant Maitre'd - Jim (I) Jenkins
Bluemilk4me - Adam (XLVIII) Johnson
Raymond K. Hessel - Joon (IV) Kim
Waiter at Clifton's - Edward (I) Kowalczyk
Man in Suit - Rob Lanza
Tyler - Joshua Leonard
Angel Face - Jared Leto
Raymond - Emil Lin
Banquet Speaker - Tyrone R. Livingston
Bruised Bar Patron #2 - Scotch Ellis Loring
Passenger Clutching Armrest - Kevin Scott Mack
Group Leader - George (I) Maguire
Airport Valet - Owen (I) Masterson
The Mechanic - Holt McCallany
Mechanic - Holt McCallany
Angel Face Ricky - Michael (I) McMillian
Police Commissioner Jacobs - Pat (I) McNamara
Robert 'Bob' Paulsen - Meat Loaf
Bob - Meat Loaf
Steph - Evan Mirand
Bus Driver with Broken Nose - Bennie Moore
BMW Salesman - Michael Arturo
Ricky - Eion Bailey
Cop at Marla's Building - Lou Beatty Jr.
The Narrator - Edward (I) Norton
Fight Club Patron/Guy #2 in video store - Trey Ore
Fight Spectator - Louis (I) Ortiz
Fight Club Man - Hugh Peddy
Man #1 at Auto Shop - Todd Peirce
Tyler Durden - Brad Pitt
Fight Club Man - J.T. Pontino
Detective Andrew - Van Quattro
Waiter - Chad Randau
Detective Kevin - Markus Redmond
Next Month's Opponent - Robby (I) Robinson
Bruised Fighter - David Rockit Hynes
Fighter - Marcio (I) Rosario
Riley Wilde, Fighter - Gregory Silva
Walter - David Lee (I) Smith
Lou - Mike (I) Starr
Airport Security Officer - Bob (II) Stephenson
Desk Sergeant - Leonard Termo
Irvin - David (XXX) Thomas
Policeman - David Jean Thomas
Fight Bully - Brian Tochi
Bar Worker saying "His name is Robert Paulsen" - Alekxia Valdez
Bartender in Halo - Michael Shamus Wiles
Bartender In Halo - Michael Shamus Wiles
Seminary Student - Matt (I) Winston
Jack - Dave (I) Wittenberg
Support group member - Michael Zagst
Food Court Maitre D' - Joel Bissonnette
Car Salesman - Stuart Blumberg
Bruised Bar Patron #1 - Anderson Bourell
Man at the club - G�khan �ncel
Inspector Dent - Ezra Buzzington
Salvator, Winking Bartender - Paul (I) Carafotes
Lou's Body Guard - Carl Ciarfalio
Fighter - Matt Cinquanta
Speaker - Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston
Champion Fighter - Tommy Dallace
Inspector Bird - Tim De Zarn
Doorman - Charlie (I) Dell
Irvin - Paul (I) Dillon
Vomiting Fight Spectator - Tom Falzone
Proprietor of Dry Cleaners - Christopher John Fields
Man #2 at Auto Shop - Mark (I) Fite

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