What are the characters in Filter movie

The characters in Filter movie are
Herself - Amy Kidd
Herself - Shannon (I) Malone
Party Guest - Katelyn Marie Marshall
Jackie Illardo - Kimm Marie
Forensic Investigator - Robin (I) Martino
Herself - Maitland McDonagh
Best Friend - Alaska L. McFadden
Detective Summers - Karina Michel
Host - Diane Mizota
Dancer - Studio - Erika Lynn Moore
Herself - Laura Redgrave
Herself - Laura Redgrave
Dancer - Studio - Gina Sarno
Herself - Kim Serafin
Herself - Host - Beth Stern
Dancer - Studio - Kristen Trahan
Dancer - Changing Room - Ksenya Tsareva
Party Guest - Mishka Balilty
Dancer - Changing Room - Christina Marie Ward
Teresa Smith-Powers - Laurie (III) Burke
Herself - Blair Butler
EMT extra - Wanda Carter
Ballet Instructor - Senta (I) Cassell
Herself - Carrie Clifford
Kelly - Kelly Colbourne
Dancer - Studio - Jaclyn Daly
Kara O'Brien - Jennifer (I) Dean
Kara O'Brien - Jennifer (V) Dean
David's Mother - Luzandra Diaz
Party Guest - April (II) Evans
Chloe - Riayn M. Fergins
Charlie Stokes - Mackenzie Firgens
Dancer - Changing Room - Andi Foster
Emily - Andrea Gentry
Newt - Kyle (I) Anthony
Himself - Jon M. Gibson
Himself - Chris (III) Gore
Himself - Dennis Gubbins
Herself - Daley Haggar
Claude 'Birthday Boy' - Mike (VI) Harlow
Himself - Craig (IX) Harris
Pedestrian - Akira (VI) Ito
Mohammed - David Kleckley
David Greene - Marshal Kruse
Party Guest - Leo Kubota
Dyle - Timothy Labato
Detective Reed - Chaz Lingaitis
UC Cop, extra - J. Charles Martin
David's Father - Kevin Narwich
Victor - Leo (II) Rodriguez
Himself - Todd (II) Rogers
Temporary Co-Host - Cory Rouse
Chloe - The Lie - Roseline Samuka
Pedestrian - Kyle Sever
Johnny Calanni - Norman Siopis
Richard Wallace - Reggie Steele
CSI - Kris Tinkle
Tom Leonard - Corbett Trubey
Sgt. Wittens - Amos Wright Jr.
Pedestrian - Anthony Bentrovato
Young David - Michael Berthold
Bill - Michael Bienvenu
Detective - Sal Calanni
Himself - Eric (I) Campos
Matt Gillmore - John (II) Cornwell
Himself - Devin Faraci
Detective Ross - Warren Fast
Party Guest - Chris Fayne
Himself - B.D. Freeman

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