What are the characters in Firestarter movie

The characters in Firestarter movie are
Grad Assistant - Nina (I) Jones
Victoria 'Vicky' Tomlinson McGee - Heather Locklear
Serviceman's Girlfriend - Lisa Anne Barnes
Charlene 'Charlie' McGee - Drew (I) Barrymore
Woman in Stall - Cassandra Ward-Freeman
Girl in Country Store - Laura (II) Warner
Josie - Wendy Womble
Old Lady - Anne Fitzgibbon
Norma Manders - Louise (I) Fletcher
DSI Technician - Joan (I) Foley
Joan Dugan - Carole Francisco
Proprietor - William Alspaugh
Doctor Pynchot - Moses Gunn
DSI Orderly - Orwin C. Harvey
Doctor Joseph Wanless - Freddie (I) Jones
Andrew 'Andy' McGee - David (I) Keith
Young Serviceman - Jack Magner
Motel Owner - Stanley (I) Mann
Blinded Agent - Robert Miano
Old Man - Laurens Moore
Steinowitz - Jeff Ramsey
Blinded Agent - Leon Rippy
Albright - John (I) Sanderford
John Rainbird - George C. Scott
Captain Hollister - Martin Sheen
Orville Jamieson - Drew (I) Snyder
Security Guard - Larry Sprinkle
Knowles - Dick Warlock
DSI Orderly - George P. Wilbur
Mailman - Steve Boles
DSI Technician - Etan Boritzer
Irv Manders - Art Carney
Mayo - Keith Colbert
Bates - Curtis Credel
Bearded Student - Scott R. (I) Davis
Taxi Driver - Antonio Fargas
Agent Hunt - Carey (I) Fox

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