What are the characters in Flushed Away movie

The characters in Flushed Away movie are
Rita's Sister #3 - Ashleigh Ludwig
Rita's Grandma - Miriam Margolyes
Tabitha - Rachel Rawlinson
Tabitha - Rachel Rawlinson
Fly-Lady/Passerby #2 - Emma Tate
Rita's Little Sister - Meredith Wells
Rita - Kate Winslet
Rita's Mum - Kathy Burke
Mother - Susan Duerden
Rita - Susan Duerden
Rita's Sister #2 - Ashleigh-Louis Elliot
Edna - Susan Fitzer
Tex - Newell (I) Alexander
Roddy - Hugh Jackman
Fat Barry/Market Trader - Christopher (I) Knights
Barnacle - Jonathan Kydd
Whitey - Drew Massey
Action Figure/Artist - Tom (IV) McGrath
The Toad - Ian McKellen
Football Commentator - John Motson
Whitey - Bill Nighy
Le Frog - Jean (I) Reno
Father - Miles (I) Richardson
Sid - Shane Richie
Spike - Andy Serkis
Pegleg - Paul Shardlow
Fergus - Joshua Silk
Rita's Dad - David Suchet
The Toad - Fred Tatasciore
Roddy St. James - Zachary Throne
Take Out - Conrad (I) Vernon
Newspaper Seller - Douglas Weston
Policeman/Balloon Seller - Roger (I) Blake
Le Frog/Arachne Spawn - Steve (IX) Blum
Goldfish/Fly/Shocky/Henchfrog #1/Tadpole - David (I) Bowers
Thimblenose Ted/Cockroach/Passerby - Christopher Fairbank
Spike - Bill (I) Farmer
Liam/Prophet/Ladykiller/Fanseller - Sam (I) Fell
Fergus - Marlon Flechtner

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