What are the characters in Fools for Scandal movie

The characters in Fools for Scandal movie are
Specialty - Jeni Le Gon
Party Guest - Vickie Lester
Kay Winters - Carole (I) Lombard
Valerie Shaw - Lorraine MacLean
Agnes - Ottola Nesmith
Bessie - Tempe Pigott
Jill - Marcia Ralston
Jill - Marcia Ralston
Party Guest - Tina Smirnova
Lady Potter-Porter - Heather Thatcher
Party Guest - Lotus Thompson
Themselves - The Three Brown Girls
Diana - Rosella Towne
Evelyn - Jean (I) Benedict
Cicely Trevel - Norma Varden
Myrtle - Marie (I) Wilson
Party Guest - Jane Wyman
Mme. Brioche - Michelette Burani
Cynthia - Elspeth Dudgeon
Tourist Buying Rug - Elizabeth Dunne
Tourist Buying Rug - Sarah (I) Edwards
Mrs. Bullit - Ara Gerald
Party Guest - Stephani Insull
Lady Paula Malverton - Isabel Jeans
Rene Vilardell - Fernand Gravey
Les Hite and His Orchestra - Les Hite and His Orchestra
Mr. Bullit - Leyland Hodgson
Party Guest - Hugh Huntley
Dewey Gilson - Allen (I) Jenkins
Party Guest - Leon Lasky
Papa Joli-Coeur - Jacques Lory
Gendarme - Andre Marsaudon
Phillip Chester - Ralph Bellamy
Photographer - Lionel Pape
Gendarme - Albert Petit
Le Petit Harlem Headwaiter - Georges Renavent
Party Guest - Michael Romanoff
Bruce Devon - John (I) Sutton
Reporter - Cyril Thornton

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