What are the characters in Freckles movie

The characters in Freckles movie are
Child - Joy (I) Lane
Bird Woman - Lillian Leighton
Mrs. Duncan - Dorothy (I) Peterson
Mary Arden - Carol (I) Stone
Angel - Gene Stratton-Porter
Alice Cooper - Lorna Thayer
Freckles' Mother - Victory Bateman
Laurie Lou Duncan - Virginia Weidler
Chris Cooper - Carol Christensen
Madame Legrand - Flora Finch
Mrs. John - Julia Swayne Gordon
Angel - Louise Huff
Bird Woman - Eulalie Jensen
Butch - Richard (I) Alexander
Freckles - Cyril (I) Gardner
Chuck - Shorty Hamilton
James McLean - Lumsden Hare
Duncan - Jack (I) Lambert
Al Waters - George (I) Lloyd
Toy Soldier in Doll Dance Scene - Merrill Long
Duncan - Lafe McKee
Lefty - Louis Natheaux
John McLean - Roy Barcroft
Duncan - Guy (I) Oliver
Jack Barbeau - Steve (I) Peck
Freckles - Jack Pickford
Jack Carter - Addison Richards
Freckles' Father - Milton (I) Ross
Wessner - William (I) Scott
Little Boy - Delmar Watson
Freckles - Martin (I) West
John McLean - Hobart Bosworth
McLean - Hobart Bosworth
Butch - Wade Boteler
Freckles - Tom (I) Brown
Mr. John - John Bunny
Ralph Barton - James (I) Bush
Wessner - Ken (I) Curtis
Mr. Cooper - John (I) Eldredge
Black Jack - William Elmer
Freckles - Johnny (I) Fox

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