What are the characters in French Film movie

The characters in French Film movie are
Party guest - Augustina Amoa
Kate - Ida Francesca Nocito
Vocal Audience Member - Zabarjad Salam
Gabbi - Gabriela Vlkova
Young Parisian Woman - Lizzie Brocher�
French Apartment Woman - Marie-Ga�lle Cals
Counselling Woman - Nichola Christie
Sophie - Anne-Marie Duff
Cheryl - Victoria (I) Hamilton
Bowler - Adrian Annis
Marcus - Douglas Henshall
Park Patron - Kenneth Hooper
Counselling Man - David (XXII) Matthews
Waiter - Henry Maynard
Young Parisian Man - Benjamin Bellecour
Accordian Player - David Oudney
Harrington's Waiter - Orlando Seale
Sam - Sam (V) Simon
Sir Norman - Roger (XXXVIII) Smith
French Apartment Man - Vincent Winterhalter
Jed - Hugh Bonneville
Thierry Grimandi - Eric Cantona
Bike Thief - Jack Crutch
Alain - Jean Dell
Irate Postman - Jose Estudillo

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