What are the characters in Fun at St. Fanny\'s movie

The characters in Fun at St. Fanny\'s movie are
Mildred - Miriam Karlin
Matron - Gabrielle Brune
Maisie - Vera Day
Praline - Aud Johansen
Pumpernickel - Dino Galvani
Constable - Tom (I) Gill
Heckling Boy at Concert - Melvyn Hayes
Winkle - Claude Hulbert
Museum Attendant - Douglas Ives
Ferdy - Davy Kaye
Harry the Scar - Freddie (I) Mills
Horsetrough - Roger Avon
McTavish - Kynaston Reeves
Cardew the Cad - Cardew Robinson
Police Sergeant - Stuart (II) Saunders
The Guide - Stanley Unwin
Schoolboy in audience - Anthony (I) Valentine
Second Museum Attendant - Neil (I) Wilson
Fanshawe - Johnny Brandon
The Potter - Peter (I) Butterworth
Fatty Gilbert - Gerald Campion
Chumleigh - Ronnie Corbett
Fudge - Paul Daneman
Dr. Septimus Jankers - Fred Emney

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