What are the characters in Fun in Acapulco movie

The characters in Fun in Acapulco movie are
Marguerita Dauphin - Ursula Andress
Secretary - Adele Palacios
Castanet Player - Rachel Parra
2nd Girl - Linda Rand
Se?orita at the Telegraph Desk - Linda Rivera
2nd Girl - Linda Rand
Se?orita at the Telegraph Desk - Linda Rivera
Miss Stevers - Darlene Tompkins
Mrs Stevers - Mary (I) Treen
Dolores Gomez - Elsa (I) C�rdenas
Se?orita at Torito's - Stella (I) Garcia
Hotel Guest - Teri Garr
Janie Harkins - Teri Hope
Taxi Driver - Robert Alderette
Manager of the Tropicana Hotel - Martin Garralaga
Bartender - Alex (I) Giannini
Bullfighter - Genaro Gomez
3rd Diver - Stuart (I) Gray
5th Diver - Ralph Hanalei
Waiter - Bob (I) Harvey
Photographer - Tom Hern�ndez
Maitre D' and Waiter - Roberto (II) Iglesias
Hotel Guest - John Indrisano
Maximillian Dauphin - Paul (I) Lukas
Bullfighter - Marco (I) L�pez
Bullfighter - Carmelo Manto
Dr John Stevers - Howard McNear
Bullfighter - Alberto (I) Monte
Mr. Ram?rez, Manager of the Hilton - Alberto (I) Morin
Mr. Perez, Manager of La Perla - Salvador Baguez
Desk Clerk - Francisco (I) Ortega
Mike Windgren - Elvis Presley
Police Officer - Richard (I) Reeves
Photographer - David Renard
Moreno - Alejandro (I) Rey
Diver - Gene (II) Simmons
4th Diver - Ron (I) Veto
Poolside Guest - Red West
1st Diver - Loren (I) Brown
Jose Garcia - Robert Carricart
Mr. Delgado, Manager of the Ambassado Club - Edward Colmans
Guard at La Perla - Mike De Anda
Bellboy - Robert De Anda
M.C. at the Hilton - Luis De Urban
Waiter - Don Diamond
Raoul Almeido - Larry Domasin
2nd Diver - Elly Enriquez
Mr Harkins - Charles (IV) Evans

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