What are the characters in Gable and Lombard movie

The characters in Gable and Lombard movie are
Hedda Hopper - Alice Backes
Party Guest - Betsy Jones-Moreland
Party Guest - Sally (I) Kemp
Party Guest - Jodean Lawrence
Ria Gable - Joanne Linville
Dixie - Melanie Mayron
Noreen - Carol (I) McGinnis
Vivien Leigh - Morgan Brittany
Carole Lombard - Jill Clayburgh
Forest Ranger - Andy Albin
Emcee - Army Archerd
Louis B. Mayer - Allen Garfield
Party Guest - Richard Gittings
Gate Guard - Jack (I) Griffin
Gable's Director - Robert Karnes
A. Broderick - Noah Keen
Party Guest - Aron Kincaid
The Judge - S. John Launer
Attorney Kramer - John Lehne
Party Guest - Drew Michaels
Ragland - Frank Ashmore
Undetermined Role - Cal Bartlett
Brogan - Ivan Bonar
Clark Gable - James Brolin
Colonel - William (I) Bryant
Ivan Cooper - Red Buttons
Sheriff Ellis - Alan Dexter
Lombard's Director - Ross (I) Elliott

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