What are the characters in Gaby movie

The characters in Gaby movie are
Mrs. Edward - Lillian Kemble-Cooper
French Girl - Jeanne Lafayette
English Red Cross Worker - Irene Lang
English Girl - Alma Lawton
Denise - Ruta Lee
Canteen Worker - Queenie Leonard
English Red Cross Worker - June (I) Mitchell
French Girl - Alana Monet
Claire - Lisa Montell
Olga - Narda Onyx
English Girl - Doris Riter
English Girl - Doris Riter
Mrs. Gannet - Betty (I) Sinclair
Ballet Girl - Joyce Vanderveen
Singer at the Bottle Club - Gloria (I) Wood
Gaby - Leslie Caron
Cockney - Vera Denham
Elsa - Taina Elg
Barmaid - Betty Fairfax
Mrs. Helen Carrington - Margalo Gillmore
English Girl - Betty Harford
English Girl - Ann (III) Howard
French Civlian - Frank (I) Arnold
English Stagehand - Billy (I) Griffith
Bit Role - Jack Grinnage
Newsboy - Gerald Hamer
Mr. Edgar Carrington - Cedric Hardwicke
Bit Role - Ron Hargrave
U.S. Soldier - Don (I) Hicks
Air Raid Warden - Keith Hitchcock
Bit Role - Sonny Howe
Aviator - John (IV) Irving
Bit Role - Dick (III) James
Gregory Y. Wendell - John (II) Kerr
Polish Soldier - Leo Kreingel
Canadian Soldier - Ray Lamont
Bit Role - Billy Lechner
Bit Role - Harry (I) Mackin
Bit Role - Gene Marlowe
Jan - Scott (I) Marlowe
U.S. Soldier - Keith McConnell
Bit Role - Roger McGee
English Soldier - Gary (I) Montgomery
Bit Role - Jimmy (II) Murphy
Bit Role - Walter Beaver
French Ballet Master - Michael Panaieff
Boy - Paul Playdon
French Civilian - Francis Ravel
Air Raid Warden - Gordon (I) Richards
Train Announcer - Willard Sage
Jacques - George Saurel
Cockney - Yorke Sherwood
Registrar - Ian (I) Wolfe
Jim - James (I) Best
U.S. Soldier - Don (I) Burnett
Pete - Joe (I) Corey
English Soldier - Tom Cound
Allen - Joe Di Reda
Broadcaster - John Dodsworth
French Sailor - Norman Dupont
French Soldier - Chris Essay
French Soldier - Roger Etienne
Doorman - James Fairfax
English Stagehand - Stanley Fraser

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