What are the characters in Galyntine movie

The characters in Galyntine movie are
Dyer - Angella Joy
Colonist - Shana Lyris
Neera - Malaya Rivera Drew
Neera - Malaya Rivera Drew
Weaver - Chelsea Goodwin
Wylie - Laura Harrier
Girl #1 - Ashlund Jade
Potter/Villager/Partygoer - Derric D. Andelin
Teen Colonist - Gerry (III) Garcia
Kyree - Gus Halper
Jude - Will (I) Harris
Man Arguing - Ron Hausman
Hunter/Pallbearer - Anthony Herrern
Aethys - James (III) Hoare
Butcher - Joshua David McLerran
Richter - Don (I) McManus
Cook/Colonist - Vaughn Odenbrett
Roman - Alex (IX) Russell
Britt - Steven (I) Brand
Timmy - Chris (I) Brew
Hunter,Dancer - Mike (XXII) Brown
Samhir - Sterling K. Brown

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