What are the characters in Gambling Lady movie

The characters in Gambling Lady movie are
French Maid - Isabel La Mal
Operator - Margaret (I) Morris
Lady Lee - Barbara Stanwyck
Guest - Laura Treadwell
Suzy - Peter's Cook - Louise Beavers
Baby Doll at Racetrack - Renee Whitney
Funeral Attendee - Ruth (I) Cherrington
Sheila Aiken - Claire Dodd
Gambler at Monte Carlo - Enrique (I) Acosta
Bellboy - Ernie (I) Alexander
Cornelius - Lawyer - Ferdinand Gottschalk
Funeral Attendee - Creighton Hale
Divorce Judge - Howard C. Hickman
Gambler - Russell Huestis
Detective - John (I) Ince
Syndicate Board Member - John Lester Johnson
The Duke - Edward Keane
First Reporter - Milton Kibbee
Sheila's Attorney - Edward LeSaint
Card Player - Carl M. Leviness
Syndicate Board Member - Stanley (I) Mack
Gambler - Frank McClure
Garry Madison - Joel McCrea
Gambler - Harold (I) Miller
Gambler - King Mojave
Crooked Gambler - Bob (II) Montgomery
Poker Dealer - Bert Moorhouse
Ship Passenger - George Morrell
Ship Steward - Philip (I) Morris
Gambler at Monte Carlo - George Nardelli
Dopey - Louis Natheaux
Syndicate Board Member - Frank (I) Austin
Sargey - Fallon's Secretary - William (I) Austin
Extra at Racetrack Behind Lang - William (I) Bailey
Mike Lee - Robert Barrat
Funeral Attendee - Field Norton
Charlie Lang - Pat (I) O'Brien
Lang's Associate at Racetrack - Henry Otho
Gambler - Albert Petit
Racetrack Bookie - Lee (I) Phelps
Waiter - Alexander Pollard
Steve - Phillip (I) Reed
Lady Lee's Attorney - Jack (I) Richardson
District Attorney - Willard Robertson
District Attorney's Assistant - Ky (I) Robinson
Reporter - Eddie Shubert
Peter - C. Aubrey Smith
Onlooker at Poker Game/Funeral Attendee - Larry Steers
Funeral Attendee - Harry Tenbrook
Bartender - Edward (I) Thomas
Manservant - Frank (II) Thornton
Pryor - Arthur Treacher
Detective - Guy Usher
Extra at Racetrack Behind Lang - Monte Vandergrift
Fallin - Arthur Vinton
Mealy - Bodyguard - Huey White
Charlie's Henchman - Robert Wilber
Detective Making Raid - Charles C. Wilson
Funeral Attendee - Harry (I) Wilson
John - Peter's Butler - Eric Wilton
Gambler - F. Blinn
Sergeant at Bail Window - Wade Boteler
Croupier - Maurice Brierre
Reporter - Ralph Brooks
Doctor at Party - Herbert Bunston
Detective Making Raid - James (I) Burke
Butler at Gambling Club - Leonard Carey
Policeman Posing for Picture - Jack Cheatham
French Roulette Onlooker - Albert (I) Conti
Reporter Asking for Picture - Nick Copeland
McGregor - Jerry (I) Devine
Minister - Neal Dodd
Joe - Syndicate Lawyer - James Donlan
Spider - Jimmie Dundee
Hotel Desk Clerk - Jay (I) Eaton
Graves - Robert (I) Elliott
Mr. Carter - Lawyer - Robert (I) Ellis
Attendant - Charles (I) Fallon
Don Carroway - Philip (I) Faversham
Police Officer - Raoul Freeman
Ching - Syndicate Board Member - Willie Fung

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