What are the characters in Games movie

The characters in Games movie are
Party Guest - Luana Anders
Jenna - Lovelle Liquigan
Baroness, Party Guest - Florence Marly
Party Guest - Joanne Medley
Holly, Party Guest - Carmen (I) Phillips
Party Guest - Rachel (I) Rosenthal
Jennifer Montgomery - Katharine Ross
Katie - Penelope Ann Shipley
Lisa Schindler - Simone Signoret
Nora - Marjorie Bennett
Miss Beattie - Estelle Winwood
Police Matron - Adele Claire
Amber - Christine Corpuz
Party Guest - Eddra Gale
Celia - Eloise Hardt
Party Guest - Ena Hartman
John - Shalin Agarwal
Party Guest - Robert (I) Aiken
Masseur - Richard Guizon
Arthur - Carl (I) Guttenberger
Pharmacist - Pitt Herbert
Bookseller - Kendrick Huxham
Party Guest - Max Lewin
Tom - Brian (II) Nichols
Male Nurse - Ben (II) Barker
Detective - Stuart (I) Nisbet
Party Guest - William (I) O'Connell
Photographer - Al (II) Parker
Assistant Coach - Jim (VII) Rogers
Party Guest - Jeff (IV) Scott
Harry Gordon - Kent (I) Smith
Norman - Don (I) Stroud
Publicist - Steve (XVII) Taylor
Ethan - Erwin Tuazon
Dr. Edwards - Ian (I) Wolfe
Boy in the Museum - Pasquale Bonniere
Count, Party Guest - Peter Brocco
Paul Montgomery - James (I) Caan
Rocco Parissi - Giorgio (I) Canali
Nurse - Catherine Crystal
Coach - Mike (VI) Davis
Bob Parker - Johnny Dawes
Dick McCabe - David DeCoteau
Winthrop - Anthony Eustrel
Jeff Bowers - Leo (I) Ford
Hitchhiker - Ross (I) Franklin
Terry, Party Guest - George Furth

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