What are the characters in Gangs movie

The characters in Gangs movie are
Sofie - Emilia Sch�le
Sofies Mutter - Marie-Lou Sellem
Stella - Sina Tkotsch
Nina - Jelena Weber
Arzt - Johannes Hitzblech
Rambo - Michael Keseroglu
Otto - Aaron Le
Nuri - Kai Michael M�ller
Touristen-Vater - Martin (V) Becker
Jan - Jannis Niew�hner
Flo - Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
Chris - Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
Bertrand - Frank Roder
Killaz Gangmember - David Torok
78er Gangmitglied - To Duc Trung
Alex - Alexander Yassin
Rico - Christian Bl�mel
Edas Vater - Ercan �zcelik
Trainer - Alessandro Flores Oviedo

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