What are the characters in Get Your Stuff movie

The characters in Get Your Stuff movie are
AA Member - Bonnie Amrein
Teacher - Kimberly A. Austin
Party Guest - Carrie Levy
Party Guest - Candace Maddren
Temp - Sally Munroe
Person in Park/Party Guest - Bonnie (III) Norris
Jeri - Kelly Packard
Party Guest - Maeria Paez
Kid at School - Elizabeth Salkow
Gloria - Kimberly (I) Scott
Lawyer - Mattie Singleton
Store Clerk - Yukie Takizawa
Party Guest - Christina (VI) Thompson
Party Guest - Susan (VI) Thompson
Party Guest - Tala Barakat
Party Guest - Sue Barbosa
AA Member - Rochelle Best
Party Guest - Jessica Bink
Party Guest - Tracy Vonder Haar
AA Member/Party Guest - Anna Voss
Nancy Perry - Lisa Ann Walter
Kid at School - Anna Capone
Lillian - Patience Cleveland
Receptionist - Soosie Dodd
Kid at School - Cathereyne Duckworth
Party Guest - Brenda Billie Erex
Party Guest - Shirell Ferguson-Coleman
Neighbor - Sara (IV) Gilbert
Party Guest - Linda Gurtz
Party Guest - La'tuan Hall
Cat Hardy - Elaine Hendrix
Party Guest - Shannon (III) Hillary
Party Guest - Brenda Hockstein
Party Guest - Heidi Huebner
Party Guest - Ellen Hulkower
Assistant Principle - Christa Jackson
T.J. - Grady Hutt
Person in Park - Emet (II) Kelly
Person in Park - Jon (III) Kelly
Police Officer - Christopher Kenney
AA Member - Patrick Kibby
Party Guest - Mark (XI) Logan
Kid at School - Glenn (IX) Martin
Drag Queen - Peter Martocchio
Matt - Chad (I) Mathews
Drag Queen - Worthie Meacham
Eric - Anthony Meindl
Party Guest - Dave Bannon
Brian - Blayn Barbosa
Frank - John Barkworth
AA Member - Robin Batters
Messenger - Cole Beckman
Person in Park - M. Nikinan
Party Guest - Mark Pulsipher
Person in Park - Has Reit
Party Guest - Brian (VI) Reynolds
Party Guest - Bob Rigdon
Peter - Marty (I) Rosen
Duke - Andrew (I) Shaifer
Party Guest - Bryan Shayne
Neal - Denis (I) Simpson
Party Guest - Adam (LXXXVI) Smith
Karaoke DJ - David (CXCV) Smith
Jason - Jason (I) Stuart
Brad - Ben (I) Thompson
AA Member - Timothy Thorn
Phil - Cameron (I) Watson
Party Guest - Chad Curtis Wood
Party Guest - John (III) Blaylock
George - Jason Boegh
Tom - Jim J. Bullock
Party Guest - Rich Campion
Party Guest - Marty Chambliss
Party Guest - Calhoun Chappel
Party Guest - Jon (I) Christian
Adam - Jasper Cole
Party Guest - David Dinielli
Party Guest - Nicholas DiStefano
Kid at School - Charles Duckworth
Blake - Kiko (I) Ellsworth
Party Guest - Richard Eshoo
Ron - David Faustino
Police Officer - John P. Fleenor
Party Guest - Ian (VIII) Fleming
Party Guest - Steve Frye

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