What are the characters in Giorgino movie

The characters in Giorgino movie are
Mme Forestier - Jana Andres�kov�
Old Woman - Val�rie Kaplanov�
M?re Raoul - Anne Lambton
Marie - Frances Barber
Mme Petaud - Sydnee Blake
Innkeeper maid - Claudia Vasekov�
Woman at the Fondation Roux - Louise (I) Vincent
Mme Lapierre - Veronica (I) Clifford
Josette - Janine Duvitski
Marthe - Su Elliot
Catherine - Myl�ne Farmer
Innkeeper - Louise (I) Fletcher
Dr. Jodel - John Abineri
Father Glaise - Joss Ackland
Butcher - Jan Kuzelka
Sebastien - Jean-Pierre Aumont
Chief - Lee Barrett
Professor Beaumont - David Ryall
Young Captain - Christopher (I) Thompson
Raoul - Richard Claxton
Giorgio/Giorgino - Jeff Dahlgren
Orderly - Albert Dupontel

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