What are the characters in GirlHouse movie

The characters in GirlHouse movie are
Liz Owens - Erin Agostino
Office Worker; Student - Jen Julien
Business Woman - Alexis Kendra
Reporter - Julia A. Long
Student - Sarah McArdle
Diner Waitress - Dayshift - Wendy Pasher
Heather - Elysia Rotaru
Anna - Zuleyka Silver
Janet - Chasty Ballesteros
Devon - Alyson Bath
Girl #1 - Camren Bicondova
Girl #2 - Baylee Wall
Kylie Atkins - Ali Cobrin
Mia - Nicole Arianna Fox
Kat - Alice Hunter
Teenage Boy - Jaron Adams
Bret - Peter J. Gray
Meat and Potatoes - Jordan Krakower
Frat Douchebag - Pavel Lubanski
Alex - Wesley MacInnes
Student - Passer By - Ryan Maisey
Attorney - Bryan Okes
Techie - Vincent Scattolon
Loverboy - Slaine
Gary Preston - James (VI) Thomas
Ben Stanley - Adam DiMarco
University Student #1 - Aric Dupere
Young Loverboy - Isaac Faulkner

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