What are the characters in Guilty at 17 movie

The characters in Guilty at 17 movie are
Student - Aileigh Karson
Student - Ilish Karson
Friend of Devon - Paskale Leblond-Champagne
Teacher - Julia A. Long
Nurse - Caren Macnevin
Student - Sarah McArdle
Detective - Sarah McVie
Leigh - Vanessa (I) Morgan
June Gailey - Alex Paxton-Beesley
Devon Cavanor - Chloe (I) Rose
Devon Cavanor - Chloe (I) Rose
Traci Scott - Erin (I) Sanders
Restaurant Patron - Nathaly Thibault
Student - Amy Balaton
Student - Robyn Vezina
Student - Megan Weckwerth
Doctor - Jocelyn Deighton
Melanie Scott - Catherine Dent
Student - Chantal Despatie
Forensic Investigator - Lee A. Farruga
Aileen - Sophie Gendron
Nurse Linda - Lindsay Gerro
Rona Ashton - Allison (III) Graham
Jounalist - Stefan (I) Keyes
Restaurant Patron - Marc Leblond
Restaurant Patron - Alan Lummiss
Jay Allerson - Zack Peladeau
Detective Morris - Xavier Sotelo
Gilbert Adkins - Rob (I) Stewart
Teacher - Roger Wehbe
Don Scott - Michael (I) Woods
Hospital Visitor - Brian J. Bicknell
Steve Dawson - Jefferson (I) Brown
Gary Foster - Kevin (I) Bundy
Irving Cavanor - Rick Burchill
Student - Corey Charron
Doctor - Robert (I) Crampton
Police Officer, CSI agent - Stephen K. Donnelly
Restaurant Patron - Matt Egner
Student #1 - Jonathan Emond

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