What are the characters in Happily Even After movie

The characters in Happily Even After movie are
Narrator of Play - Emily (I) Ackerman
Elizabeth - Fay Masterson
Neurotic Girl Applicant - Amy Resnick
Neurotic Girl Applicant - Amy Resnick
Corinna - Stacy Stripling
Katie - Marina Black
Gabrielle - Samantha (II) Weaver
Aunt Genevieve - Joy Carlin
Chinese Restaurant Hostess - Pauline Cheung
Receptionist - Stephanie (I) Coleman
Cinderella - Katherine Donnellon
Tina - Deb Fink
Bored Secretary Applicant - Shannon (I) Finn
Fairy Godmother Applicant - Cathy (I) Fithian
The Princess - Anna Getty
Public Defender - Kimberly Guilfoyle
Cookie - Genevieve Haag
Mother - Laura (II) Hunt
Mafia Guy Applicant - Roland T. Abasolo
Chris - Jorge (I) Garcia
Stuart - Michael A. Goorjian
Lewis - Quin Gordon
George Theveos - Robert Hallak
Greg - Tomas (I) Herrera
Father - Terry (I) Hunt
Tow Truck Driver - Mark J. Kennedy
Student - Rogin Kim
Gavin - Robert (X) Lee
English Butler Applicant - Howard Malpas
Judge Dreyfus - Edward Asner
Young Man in Play - Aaron (I) Behr
Jake - Jason (I) Behr
Craig - Peter Quartaroli
Police Officer - Jon (I) Read
Casper - Luis Saguar
Skirt Man - Michael X. Sommers
Steven David - Geoff Callan
Stoned Applicant - Joseph Cannata
Lawyer - Peter Carlstrom
Museum Supervisor - James (I) Cranna
Goth Applicant - Nick (I) Des Barres

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