What are the characters in Hard to Be Me movie

The characters in Hard to Be Me movie are
Shannon's Classmate - Nadine Asaad
Shannon Hamilton - Katie E. Jones
Party Guest - Kimberly Lapidus
COMM 101 Student - Susan Majek
ZU Coffee Patron - Laurie Marchesani
COMM 101 Student - Marili Mejias
Child in Library - Alicia (IV) Moreno
Child in Library - Francisca (II) Moreno
College Student - Michelle Murad
Patricia Hamilton - Kendra North
Shakespeare Student - Maya Vinice Prentiss
ZU Coffee Patron - Kit Reiner
Clementine - Stephanie Rigizadeh
ZU Coffee Patron - Kit Reiner
Clementine - Stephanie Rigizadeh
Hope - Jennifer Selman
College Student - Carrie (VI) Smith
Shannon's Classmate - Lexi Storm
Shannon's Teacher - Sabra Street
Cild in Library - Jessica Szego
Cild in Library - Olivia Szego
Cild in Library - Trista Taylor
Shareece - Carleen Troy
Faith - Patricia (V) Barry
Party Girl - Ashley Batten
Dr. Candice Wilkes - Kelli Biggs
Party Guest - Mackie Lou Vigal
Shakespeare Student - Lakesha Rachelle Walker
Olivia Willis-Henshall - Ali Walton
Shakespeare Student - Nicole (VIII) White
Kelli - Abby Zombro
Wilkes' T.A. - Addie Cannizzaro
Child in Library - Antonia Elspeth Cox
Barbara - Joan Crooks
College Student - Taylor (II) Dunn
COMM 101 Student - Brittney Ellis
Tifanee - Natalia (II) Ferreiro
Shannon's Classmate - Lauren Gildner
Melody - Estenia Goodridge
Shannon's Classmate - Kathryn (II) Grant
Shakespeare Student - Bria Henderson
Party Guest - Victoria (I) Higgins
Juliet Crawford - Megan Hurst
Nerdy Guy - David J. Gannon
Patrick Hamilton - Michael (VII) Garvey
Executive - Matthew James Gulbranson
Child in Library - Richard Haiderer
Daniel Corrigan - Doug (VII) Henderson
Executive / ZU Coffee Patron - Ken Holliday
Shakespeare Student - Tim Hudspeth
Party Guy 2 - Heath Koops
Executive - Seth Lehner
Child in Library - Ariona Mayo
Shakespeare Student - Miquel D. McDonald
Kevin Hamilton - Edward Robert Bach
Party Guest - Noah (II) Baron
COMM 101 Student - Victor Petty
Malcolm - Brandon (III) Rice
COMM 101 Student - Todd Schrecengost
COMM 101 Student - David Sottile
ZU Coffee Patron - Edward Dean Tate
ZU Coffee Patron - Sean Alexander Tate
COMM 101 Student - Gabriel Voss
ZU Coffee Patron - Lawrence Whitener
COMM 101 Student - Henian Boone
Shakespeare Student - Wade Carter
Patrick's Co-Worker - Erik Cieslewicz
ZU Coffee Patron - Luke Cieslewicz
COMM 101 Studen / Party Guest - Colin Conrad
College Student - Makallay Conteh
ZU Coffee Waiter - Vinson Corbo
Marcus - Bob Creager
Party Guy 1 - Kirk (I) Curran
COMM 101 Student - Arrington J. Foster

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