What are the characters in Harry Potter for Kinect movie

The characters in Harry Potter for Kinect movie are
Ginny Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour - Deeivya Meir
Cho Chang/Lily Potter - Imogen Vinden-North
Hermione Granger - Jessie Braviner
Professor Sprout - Louise Gold
Luna Lovegood - Charlie (IX) Hayes
Bellatrix Lestrange - Eiry Hughes
Professor Quirrell - Andy (XII) Harrison
Death Eater - Dan (V) Morgan
Professor McGonagall - Katherine (V) Newman
Neville Longbottom/Cedric Diggory - Mike Norledge
Sirius Black - Dominic Rowan
Professor Dumbledore - David (I) Schofield
Draco Malfoy/Oliver Wood/Quidditch Announcer - James (II) Snee
Harry Potter - Adam Sopp
Professor Lockhart/Death Eater - John Voce
Tom Riddle - Max Berendt
Professor Flitwick - Dustin (II) Burns
The Sorting Hat/Ollivander/Voldemort/Narrator - Nigel Carrington
Ron Weasley - Gregg Chillin
Professor Snape - Rupert Degas
Voldemort/Death Eater/Lucius Malfoy - Peter (IX) Dickson
James Potter/Griphook - Joe (III) Dixon

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